Eleven leading international and local street artists have been invited to Morocco to participate in the 6th Edition of the Biennale as part of the MB6: Street Art partner project. This additional focus on public art illustrates inclusion as a driving force behind the festival, allowing audiences of all backgrounds to engage with artistic works across the cityscape.

Marrakech, often referred to as the "Rose City" or "Red City", earns its name from buildings in the ancient medina painted entirely salmon pink. Moroccan architecture and design is renowned for its tiled patterns and motifs which in themselves represent a form of street art.

Artists Mad C (Germany), Dotmaster (UK), Giacomo RUN (Italy), Dag Insky (France), Kalamour (Morocco), Alexey Luka (Russia), LX.ONE (France), Lucy McLauchlan (UK), Remi Rough (UK), Sickboy (UK) and Yesbee (UK) created 16 murals in key public spaces that include the rooftops of the souks in the Medina (‘Gallery in the Sky’), Bahia Palace area, the walls around Gueliz, the new part of Marrakech and in the city of Essaouira.

Earlier this year, the project unveiled North Africa’s largest mural. Giacomo Bufarini RUN painted the 6400 square meter mural on the popular Moulay Hassan Square in Essaouira. The artwork  depicts two figures communicating across borders, echoing Essaouira rich musical heritage.


The Marrakech Biennale (MB6), now in its 10th year, has become a celebration of creativity in a city that has for centuries been the focus of artistic exploration. For the first time since the inauguration of the Biennale in 2004, will Street Art form an integral part of its programme in a form of '
partner projects'.

The Biennale has grown to become an internationally recognised event with a thriving visual art and literature programme ranking among the top 
20 biennales in the world.

MB6: STREET ART LOGO designed by artist Dag Insky