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In addition to the Berber Bags, MB6: Street Artists have offered Works on Paper and Works on Canvas or Wood for 'Pass On The Flame' Auction with percentage of proceeds going to support Abury literacy School in the Atlas Mountains. Please click on the catalogues below.

​​​“Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame.”

‘PASS ON THE FLAME’ is a charity art project, that explores cultural identity and heritage. It reflects on cultural similarities and differences. It presents different interpretations of the beauty of cultures and their flames that are worth being safeguarded. The connection and interaction between identity and culture happens not only in the minds of street-artists who took part in this project, but also has value in the mixture and reinterpretation in the eye of the beholder.

LIVE AUCTION: 29 April - 8 May 2016

Get one of the unique art pieces and support the ABURY Foundation at the same time. To participate – place your bids on  from 29 April to 8 May 2016.

When Andrea, founder of the ABURY Foundation, came to Morocco in 2008, she was captivated by the immense handicraft heritage of its people. Sadly, many of these skills seem to be vanishing as a result of the fast consumerism that plagues society today. With them, the beauty, wisdom, identity and stories are also at risk of being lost to the past. Andrea began collecting traditional handmade leather Berber bags. To her these vintage bags have become a symbol for cultural heritage, heritage that may no longer be valued or relevant – a small piece of cultural identity.

What does it mean to us as a global community to grow up and live in a world that increasingly looses cultural identities and traditions? What role does cultural identity play today? Will we create one global cultural identity? Or are we simply loosing the beauty of our differences?

MB6 street artists accepted the challenge 'to pass on the flame' to the Berber bag and merge it with their impression and culture. The result: ten Art Charity Berber bags that will be auctioned in support of the ABURY with all proceeds going directly into education for children in the Atlas Mountains.

'Pass On The Flame' is joint project of the ABURY Foundation and ATTOLLO, in cooperation with the Marrakech Biennale 6th Edition: Street Art (aka MB6: Street Art) that looks to foster Inter-cultural dialogues, proves that art can delight, inspire, connect and to make a real difference.


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